The Liberia Chamber of Commerce issues documentary evidence of origin for goods exported from Liberia. The Chamber issues Certificate of Origin according to the International Certificate of Origin Guidelines prepared by the World Chambers Federation, ICC’s specialized division for Chamber Affairs.

A Certificate of Origin is an international trade document, certifying the origin of the goods to be exported. It is a document which is used for certification that the products exported are wholly obtained or partially produced or manufactured in a particular country. It is generally an integral part of export documents. This endorsement is not only limited to members of the Chamber.

The purpose of Certificate of Origin is to facilitate international trade and prove that the product exported is manufactured and produced in a specified country. It is required by certain countries in order to determine whether duties or tariffs should be assessed on the products being imported.

The Chamber of Commerce issues only a Certificate of Origin. Exporters in need of the ECOWAS Liberalization Scheme (ETLS), a regional trade document can pick it up from the Ministry of Commerce.


The fee for a standard "Certificate of Origin" is two hundred of and fifty dollars ($250.00) for non-members and one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) for members.

Any company can apply for a Standard Certificate of Origin. Applications for Certificates of Origin can be picked up at the Chamber during business hours.There is a 24 hour turnaround time to process an application.